Street Streets of Fury

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Easy to pick up
A Side-Scrolling Beat’em up
Hard to master

Streets of Fury : Extended edition

Fight the gangs of Paris in this action packed Beat'Em up. Up to 4 players can join in, to cooperate, or fight against each other! Many unlockables, game modes, crazy combos and devastating furies await you in this deep fighting game. 

Key Features

  • Oldschool “go right” beat’em up
  • 4 players local Co-op and competitive play
  • 24 playable characters
  • The depth of a versus fighting game in a side-scrolling beat'em up
  • Lots of moves, special moves, furies, cancels, chain combos, air combos, dodge, etc.
  • Increase the Security Level to unlock new characters, game modes, and more ...
  • Story mode : Hunt the gang leaders in their respective districts
  • Alternate Story mode : Build your own gang!
  • Versus mode : Free for all and team battle for some multiplayer mayhem
  • Survival mode : How long can you survive endless waves of enemies?
  • Challenge mode : Try some time attack on special levels
  • Featuring a whole new soundtrack by K93 (
  • Play with any controller
  • Featuring famous youtubers Benzaie, Bob Lennon and Nostalgia Critic
  • Featuring fighting games pro gamers Kayane and Ryan Hart

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About Guard Crush Games

Guard Crush Games is a game studio founded by Jordi Asensio and Cyrille Lagarigue in 2009. Being fans of fighting games and side-scrolling beat'em up they decided to mix them bringing more depth in the 'fun but repetitive' beat'em up genre. After the success of their first game 'Streets of Fury' on Xbox Live Indie Game in 2007 they are releasing, after a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, the second installment in the series, "Streets of Fury : Extended edition".

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